RRSA Children’s Committee


The views of the RRSA children’s committee on why it is important that St.Wilfrid’s R.C. Primary School is a Rights, Respecting school

Article 12

Children have the right to say what they think should happen, when adults are making decisions that affect them, and to have their opinions taken into account.

(UN Convention on the rights of the child)

“It is important to have a Rights and Respecting school such as St.Wilfrid’s in order to make sure that children like me are treated fairly and respected no matter what my race or culture is. Being away from my family for 5 days a week is not easy but knowing that I am safe and cared for in my school makes me feel secure and comfortable. It is great to have an equal opportunity to learn, participate in everything so that we can achieve our full potential and development”.

“I think it is right to be Rights, Respecting school because it means our school really knows and understands the Rights and Responsibilities of a child and why it is important. Our class have been working on Fair Trade and all over the world people are not being paid fairly. They have a right to earn a living, like a child has the right to go to school. At school, one of our responsibilities is to listen to others”

“We deserve to be loved and cared for in our school environment”.

“We have the right to an education and the responsibility to look after our things. We have the right to have a childhood as well as the responsibility to help our families and others. We have the right to play and the responsibility to care for each other”.

“We have the right to learn and a good education and we have the responsibility to try our best in all things. We have a responsibility to look after our world and the right to play”.

“Children all over the world have the Right to healthy food and drinks and to have a place they call home, we do and so should everyone else”.

“When I go to school I like to have fun and paly with my friends but I also need to know that I will get a good education and that I will be cared for and looked after. It is therefore important that my school is a Rights, Respecting school. This means that everyone will make sure that I am protected from bullies and from anything bad happening to me. They will provide me with a safe and happy place to learn. I know that in my school I will be encouraged to share my thoughts without being made to feel silly, this is important to me. I am glad my school is a Rights, Respecting school and I think we all need to think about how we treat each other, so that we make sure we don’t upset or hurt anybody”.

“At school we should care for each other because there may be children who are lonely or feeling sad. We need to help each other so that we are all happy at school, then we will learn and do our best”

“At our school we help to protect children by teaching them to cross the road safely, learn to swim, eat healthy food and play with each other nicely so that there are no accidents”.

“At school it is important to let everyone join in and have a turn. We have a school council which helps us to share our ideas and make decisions”.

“Different people are very interesting and we can learn about them if we are all kind to each other”.

“All children should have the right to go to school so that they can learn and make the most of their talents. Then they will be able to get a good job and look after themselves and their family. We should work hard at school and listen to our teachers because we are lucky that we have an education”.

“As a rights respecting school we want to raise money for people who aren’t as lucky as us. They have dirty water to drink, no doctors to look after them and no food to eat. We can collect money in money jars like we did during lent and give it to Cafod who will help these people. We also take part in the Sponsored bounce or have school fairs to raise money”.

With enormous thanks to: Jeswin Matthews, Jessica Milner ,Eleanor O’Brian, Fergus Wilkinson, Fintan Coyle, Mary Betteridge, Charlie Thornton, Angela Melbourne, Isabel Jatto, Jacob Dominic, Samantha Metcalfe -Griffin, Jacob Woolfson, Ruby Harrison, Beau Gasgoine and Cyd Fernando.