Essential Information

Comments or complaints regarding the curriculum or any other matter should be addressed initially to the teacher concerned at an appropriate time. When further action is necessary, please refer to the Headteacher. If the problem persists the matter should be referred to the Chair of Governors. Matters still unresolved may then be referred formally to the Local Education Authority.  A copy of the school’s complaints procedure is available from the school office.


It is essential that we have an emergency contact number where someone with responsibility for your child can be reached during the day.

In case of absence for illness or any other reason parents are asked to contact the school on the first day of absence. When a child becomes ill at school, parents are contacted as soon as possible. Meanwhile every effort is made to keep the child comfortable. If an accident occurs which requires immediate hospital treatment, a member of staff will take the child to await the arrival of a parent or guardian.

Head lice

Please report any incidence of head lice to the school office, so that we can advise other parents to check and treat their children accordingly.

1. The general policy is that NO medicines will be administered by staff.
2. Medicines will only be administered in school after consultation with the Headteacher and on the written request/consent of parents.
3. Parents are reminded that all allergies to specific substances, e.g. plasters etc. should be notified in writing to school.

You have a legal requirement as a parent to ensure the regular attendance of your child at school. Absence from school, including holidays in term time, can be very disruptive to the education of your child. If you wish to take your child on a holiday in term time you should request permission in writing in advance from the Headteacher.

We believe that we best help your children by establishing close links between home and school. Clear and regular information is naturally very important. We try to achieve this in a variety of ways:

– Newsletters at the beginning and end of each half term,
– Notice Board on the front of the school,
– Parent/teacher consultation evenings in autumn and spring terms,
– Curriculum newsletters outlining what your child will be studying for the next half term – Detailed written reports in summer term.


Parents of children attending the school are invited to join our flourishing P.T.F.A. This association aims to improve relationships, understanding and interest between school and home.

The members promote various social activities and fund raising events and provide assistance with school activities etc. Notifications of meetings are sent to parents via the children by the Secretary of the Association.

A choice of home cooked meals is provided in the cafeteria style dining room with an emphasis on healthy, balanced eating. The children are cared for by a team of supervisors led by the Senior Supervisor.

The cost of meals is determined by the Local Education Authority and is payable in advance on Monday morning. Parents are requested to ensure that all monies sent to school should be in a sealed envelope with the name and amount written on the outside. Envelopes are available from the school office. Cheques for school meals should be made payable to CITY OF YORK COUNCIL. Parents may apply, where appropriate, to the Local Authority for free school meals for children attending school.

Children bringing packed lunches to school should
(a) keep the food in a clearly labelled lunch box
(b) bring drinks in a suitable container (no glass bottles or cans)

No liability can be accepted for food, lost or damaged or mislaid. In the event of any such loss or damage, a school meal will be provided, but parents will be expected to reimburse the school with the current price of the meal. All children staying for a cooked or packed lunch must remain within the area designated by the supervisors for the duration of the lunch break. Any changes in your child’s lunchtime arrangements, should be notified by letter.

Our wide catchment area necessitates the use of public and private transport at the start and end of each school day. York City Council organise transport from, Wigginton, Strensall, Huntington and New Earswick. Catholic children from these areas usually qualify for a bus pass. Service buses for Clifton, Skelton and nearby areas run during term time. All transport is scheduled to leave the school gates at 3.20 p.m. Parents are requested to inform class teachers, in writing, whenever there is a change in the usual arrangements for transport or collection after school. No child is allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without the Headteacher’s authority and then only accompanied by a parent or delegated person


Information relating to the Education Reform Act Part l, Ch.1 Section 22 is available from the School Office. The information contained in this brochure applies to the school year 2008/9. While correct at time of publication, it cannot be assumed that there will be no changes in arrangements described before, during or in subsequent years.