Welcome to Class R


Learning Links

Here are some website links to help with your child’s phonics and maths skills.

Bug Club

Please remember to log in to ‘Bug Club’ and read your books.


Jolly Phonics Songs

We use this to help the children learn songs that act as memory aids to help them recall letter sounds for reading and writing.


Phoneme Pop!

A brilliant and motivating way to embed the letter sounds that we are learning.


Phonics Play-interactive games

This site is split into the different phases that we teach the children as they learn to read. You will know where your child is up to from the sounds they are sent home with.


Cbeebies Alphablocks

Helps the children learn letter sounds and to understand how to read and spell words using letter sounds.


 Phonics Play – Pick a picture

Use the phase 2 sets 1-5 option to allow the children to practise reading tricky words.


100 Splat Square

The children love counting on this number square.


Top marks maths games

Interactive games to help children count and recognise numbers