Rainbows Charity


Rainbows, a registered charity, is an international non-profit making organisation that fosters emotional healing among children, adolescents and adults who are grieving a loss, through a death, divorce, or any other painful transition in their families. Rainbows helps by...

  • providing a safe setting in which children and young people can talk through their feelings with their peers who are experiencing similar situations.
    They are helped to articulate their feelings by an adult facilitator or listener
  • providing materials – journals, story books, games ands activities – which form a structured programme leading the children and young people through the grieving process
  • supporting children and young people as they re-build their self esteem
  • enabling the children to name, understand and come to terms with the many emotions they experience
  • reassuring the children who have feelings of guilt
  • encouraging the children to move towards forgiving those whom they feel have caused their pain

Members of our staff have been trained to facilitate groups, where children will work with their peers in a caring and confidential environment.  They will be encouraged to put their feelings into words and work through their grief, thereby building a stronger sense of self –esteem.

For further information about Rainbows in St Wilfrid’s school please contact Mrs Yzquierdo via the school or by e-mail:  susanyzquierdo@gmail.com

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